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Titan ChickenIso 1lb

Titan ChickenIso 1lb

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Titan Chicken Isolate powder is a flavorless, all-natural, gluten-free, dairy-free, whey-free, and paleo-friendly protein powder made from CHiKPRO™ real chicken protein isolate. Chicken is one of the most efficient nitrogen-rich protein sources and CHiKPRO™ has perfected this highly filtered powdered version to be an efficient supplemental source for all the essential amino acids chicken has to offer.

Titan ChickenIso packs 22 grams of the highest quality, digestible, muscle-building protein per serving. It’s loaded with an entire days’ worth of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCCAs) per 100 grams of powder. With 7.51 grams of Leucine, the BCAA most responsible for stimulating muscle protein synthesis (mTOR), plus 4.41 grams of Isoleucine and 4.77 grams of Valine, along with more naturally occurring L-Arginine than Whey. CHiKPRO™ has you covered when it comes to providing a wealth of aminos!

Your body needs amino acids from protein to repair and grow new muscle tissue. Until now, protein supplementation usually meant yet another smoothie, shake or chalky bar. This unflavored amino rich powder is a food additive. Adding it in savory sauces, soups and bakery items is an easy way to raise your daily protein consumption while consuming whole foods. If you’d like to enjoy real food and still hit your macros Titan ChickenIso is for you!

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