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ESSENTIALS™ -ARES Daily Multivitamin

ESSENTIALS™ -ARES Daily Multivitamin

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ESSENTIALS™ is formulated with vital trace minerals, proven to be one of the most important factors to human health.  They are integral for ALL of the body's basic functions, including proper brain function, hormone regulation and oxidation protection.

Many materials are lost from our whole foods diets due to soil degradation and over farming.

ESSENTIALS also includes a performance blend of natural vitamins.  Vitamin-B complex was included for metabolic support, energy production and oxidation protection. High doses of Vitamin D3, Vitamin C, Vitamin K2 and Zinc were added for maximum immune system function and heart health.

To fully develop your inner God of War we formulated this with our “Ares Blend” for male vitality, hormone production, and prostate support.

To fully inspire your inner Goddess of Wisdom we formulated this with our “Athena Blend” for female vitality, cycle support, added metabolic lift, and mood enhancement.


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