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Evolution CLA

Evolution CLA

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➤ Essential Lipid*
➤ Great source of heart-healthy fats*
➤ Strengthens good cholesterol profile*
➤ Prevents saturated fat absorption*
➤ Reduce stubborn body fat*
➤ Control appetite*
➤ Promotes lipolysis*
➤ Added L-Carnitine for increased weight loss*
➤ Powerful Antioxidant*

Made in the USA, cGMP Certified.


INTEK CLA EVOLUTION is the most advanced, well-rounded CLA supplement to hit the market today! For total body composition overall, meaning more lean muscle and more weight loss all at the same time, CLA EVOLUTION allows you to get all the benefits of conjugated linoleic acid in your diet, without the unnecessary calorie consumption of high amounts of dairy and beef, where it is regularly found in trace amounts. Not only will your cholesterol profile be strengthened by this heart healthy fat that is practically absent in most diets today, but it is a great antioxidant for overall health and wellness, and will serve to control your appetite in your quest for weight loss.

For those looking to increase lean muscle mass, CLA EVOLUTION will not only help promote nutrient absorption, but will inhibit lean muscle tissue wasting through its anti-catabolic abilities.
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