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Evolution D-Aspartic Acid 4g

Evolution D-Aspartic Acid 4g


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➤ Naturally boosts testosterone*
➤ Lowers estrogen to promote fat loss*
➤ 4 grams of D Aspartic Acid*
➤ Builds muscle mass and increases your strength*
➤ Improves focus, alertness and drive*
➤ Speeds muscle repair*
➤ Improve vitality and increase libido*

Made in the USA, cGMP Certified.


When it all began, there was only a vision, a longing to be better than you stood that day. You saw yourself in the future: leaner, stronger, more defined…legendary. Countless workouts, cardio sessions and calculated meals later you’ve made much progress, yet that initial vision has still not quite come to term. The waiting game is over. INTEK has brought you a new type of product that will inevitably shape your future of exercise and fitness.

INTEK’s D-Aspartic Acid Evolution is capitalizing on the industry’s best kept secret and bringing you the heaviest hitter yet. One serving per day will have you noticing the best strength gains you’ve seen since you began your quest. More lean, hard, muscle will start to develop all while losing that unnecessary layer of fat that has been plaguing you for months. Your energy levels will soar all day without the need for coffee, energy drinks or unnecessary stimulants. The true “jack-of-all-trades” supplement is now at your disposal. The ceiling has been shattered, the walls torn-down; with INTEK, you are limitless.
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