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Evolution Fat Burner

Evolution Fat Burner

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➤ Target stubborn body fat*
➤ Extreme metabolism support*
➤ Increase base metabolic rate*
➤ Suppress appetite and hunger cravings*
➤ Shred water retention and bloating*
➤ Increase energy levels for longer workouts*

Made in the USA, cGMP Certified.


With one of the most well rounded proprietary blends on the weight loss market today, INTEK has brought a weight loss supplement that does exactly what you want out of a fat burner; evolutionary results, fast. INTEK FATBURNER EVOLUTION uses as many active ingredients for energy, extreme metabolism support, water loss, and appetite control as possible to bring you the strongest, most well-rounded fat burner of its kind, and more weight loss out of your cardio than most of today’s weight loss supplements can hope to keep up with.

Combining the benefits of a “thermogenic” for increased fat loss and energy during exercise, with the metabolism boosting power of a “thyroid support supplement”, a hunger crushing “appetite suppressant” and a powerful “diuretic”, INTEK FATBURNER EVOLUTION has all of the biggest weight loss supplements on the planet, together in one bottle for the first time ever. All to help you get truly peeled, ensure a faster metabolism 24 hours a day, crank up your internal thermostat and keep you burning as many calories as possible, even at rest!
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