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Evolution Grass Fed Isolate Protein 3lb

Evolution Grass Fed Isolate Protein 3lb


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➤ Award-winning, easy to mix, great-tasting shake*
➤ Quick absorbing protein*
➤ Yields high amounts of amino acids*
➤ Provides the necessary building blocks for new muscle formation*
➤ Has antioxidant properties*
➤ Strengthens the immune system*
➤ Enhances muscle recovery*
➤ Helps deter the effects of overtraining*
➤ Keeps the body in positive nitrogen balance*

Made in the USA, cGMP Certified


If you’re looking for the perfect protein shake before and after workouts, rich in muscle building amino acids and of the highest quality forms of whey, INTEK ISOLATE EVOLUTION is for you. Absent of any fillers like carbohydrates, sugars, saturated fats or cholesterol, this high-grade isolate/hydrolysate blend has been fortified with 30 grams of protein per serving for instant nitrogen retention. Whether you are gearing up for a tough workout and want to ensure muscle anabolism, halt muscle breakdown and replenish nutrient stores post-workout, INTEK ISOLATE EVOLUTION does it all.

INTEK ISOLATE EVOLUTION will also strengthen your immune system, deter the effects of overtraining and refill glycogen stores, sparing your hard earned muscle during and after exercise. Best of all, INTEK has developed a cutting-edge flavoring system that steps away from the traditional milk-based flavors that most whey proteins have you chugging down miserably, and introduces one of the best tasting, easy-to-mix shakes on the market today.
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