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Evolution Post workout

Evolution Post workout


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➤ Award winning, best-tasting shake ever created*
➤ Mixes easily with no clumping*
➤ Increase lean muscle mass*
➤ Spike Insulin hormone for increased nutrient absorption*
➤ Prevent muscle catabolism*
➤ Dramatically enhance quickness of muscle recovery*
➤ Reduce extent of DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)*
➤ Suppress cortisol hormone elevation*
➤ Strengthen immune system function*
➤ Replenish muscle glycogen stores*
➤ Enhance cell volumization*

Made in the USA, cGMP Certified

Creatine MagnaPower® from Albion® Human Nutrition the world leader in chelated mineral science Creatine MagnaPower is Albion’s proprietary patented product (US Patent # 6114379)


INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION is a unique formula that puts everything your body needs after training all into one container. Designed to target every aspect of recovery, lean muscle growth, strength, speed and essential nutrient replenishment, INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION is the pinnacle of recovery supplementation.

If you’re tired of asking yourself the complex question, “what do I need to take after I’m done working out to fully replenish what I’ve lost and start building lean muscle?” The answer is here.

Welcome to the evolution of protein shakes. What normally would take 6-7 different supplements to accomplish, INTEK POST WORKOUT EVOLUTION does it all in one serving. Best of all, there is no added fat or cholesterol to weigh you down, AND YOU’LL SWEAR YOU WERE DRINKING A TROPICAL DESSERT!
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