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Intestinal Repair Gut Health Powder

Intestinal Repair Gut Health Powder

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Barlean’s Intestinal Repair Gut Health Powder with 16 Digestive Supplements, L-Glutamine, Marshmallow & Licorice Root, Aloe Vera, and Fiber Mixed Berry Flavor, 6.35 oz

About this item

  • GUT HEALTH SUPPLEMENT: Barlean's Intestinal Repair is formulated to soothe irritation of the gatrointestinal tract, support healthy digestive membranes, and assist the cells lining the intestinal wall for healthy digestion. Non-GMO, sugar-free, gluten-free
  • 16 POWERFUL INGREDIENTS: 16 active ingredients precisely formulated for optimum gut health benefits includes L-Glutamine, N-Acetyl Glucosamine, Quercertin, MSM, Sweet Wormwood, Zinc, DGL Licorice Root, Marshmallow Extract, Banana Powder, Plum Juice, Aloe Vera 200x, Perilla Extract, Berberine, and a fiber blend of Chicory Inulin, Flaxseed, and arabinogalactan
  • DETOX & CLEANSE: A healthy gut is essential to a healthy body, so do your belly a favor with a 30 day treatment to clean out impurities and waste so you can feel your best. Why take hard to swallow pills or capsules when you can drink your daily detox in a delicious powdered formula?
  • EASY TO USE POWDER: Mix 2 teaspoons daily into water, juice, or a smoothie for a yummy soothing drink, Delicious mixed berry flavor sweetened with Stevia. 30 servings per container, optimal for daily use
  • A NAME YOU KNOW AND TRUST: Barlean's has been selling premium dietary supplements since 1989, that's more than 30 years of helping people live their healthiest lives! We are passionate about healthy oils and helping people! Proudly made in the USA
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