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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals

Krank3d Pre Workout 25 Servings

Krank3d Pre Workout 25 Servings

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Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Krank3d Pre Workout 25 Servings

Introducing Krank3D, an Game Changing Preworkout Sensation from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals. Packed with the Revolutionary ingredient DMHA, this cutting edge formula delivers unparallelled energy that doesn't quit giving you the power to dominate even your toughest workouts, yes even legday. But Krank3D doesn't stop with just stims, Krank3D provides increased laser like focus and massive muscle pumps. KRANK3D also features an all new Peach Ring flavor we haven't seen from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals in the past.  If you're looking for a preworkout that delivers and will help power you through even your toughest training sessions grab yourself a tub of Hi-Tech's All New KRANK 3D and unleash the beast within you!

Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Krank3d Pre-Workout Highlights & Benefits

  • Featuring DMHA for Clean Long Lasting Energy and Endurance
  • Powerful High Stimulant Preworkout Formula
  • Featuring a Powerful Arginase Inhibitor & Citrulline Silicate for Insane Pumps
  • 25 Servings Per Tub


Mix 1 scoop with 6-8 ounces of cold water and shake. Take 20-30 minutes prior to working out. 

-Depth Information about Krank3d

Introducing Krank3D®: Unleash Your Nitric Oxide Potential for Explosive Muscle Growth!

Unlock unrivaled gains with Krank3D®, the ultimate pre-workout supplement designed exclusively for bodybuilders. Our groundbreaking formula utilizes cutting-edge science to take your workouts to new heights and maximize muscle growth. With the powerful combination of Citrulline Silicate (Nitro Rx®), the strongest Nitric Oxide compound ever developed, and S-(2-boronethyl)-L-cysteine HCl (BEC), a novel arginase inhibitor, Krank3D® is engineered to push the boundaries of nitric oxide production.

Say goodbye to compromised results. Unlike other supplements on the market, Krank3D® tackles the arginase problem head-on, ensuring that an abundance of L-arginine remains uncompromised in your muscle pool. This abundance of L-arginine leads to a wealth of NO, resulting in maximum muscular vasodilation. Experience mind-blowing pumps, increased blood volume, and optimized oxygen and nutrient delivery to your hard-working muscles.

Don't settle for average. Krank3D® combines the dynamic duo of Citrulline Silicate (Nitro Rx®) and S-(2-boronethyl)-L-cysteine HCl (BEC) with our proprietary High Stimulant blend, guaranteeing you insane pumps and intense workouts. After 10 years of relentless research and development, we've brought a truly revolutionary pre-workout to market. Try Krank3D® today and witness firsthand what all the fuss is about. Elevate your performance and dominate the gym like never before!

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