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Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans

Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans

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People have touted the immune health benefits of mushrooms for centuries. Our formula combines shiitake, maitake and chaga mushrooms, along with a patented ß-glucan, to help maintain a healthy, balanced immune response.

What Is Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans?


This formula uses three different immune system-supportive mushrooms plus a highly specialized ß-glucan polysaccharide from yeast to help maintain the balance between the different aspects of immune function—which in turn helps your body mount a healthy and effective immune response.


Get the immune-health benefits of shiitake, maitake and chaga mushrooms all in one formula.

Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans benefits:

  • Helps maintain a balanced immune response
  • Supports immune function in active individuals
  • Provides the equivalent of approximately one and a half servings of fresh mushrooms

What are ß-glucans?


ß-glucans are polysaccharides: soluble dietary fibers found in baker’s yeast, mushrooms and oats. They help activate your immune system’s primary defenders: macrophages, neutrophils, and natural killer cells, and help your immune system to react faster and smarter when faced with challenges.


Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans

Why Should I Supplement With Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans?

You may have heard of beta glucans, but do you know what they do for you? Found in mushrooms and oats, these soluble dietary fibers help train your immune system to react faster and smarter. And with all that's going on today, we all want to support an effective immune response, but our bodies don't produce beta glucans naturally.

To help promote your healthy immune response, our experts created our Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans. Our formula combines a trifecta of immune modulating mushrooms equal to nearly one and a half servings of fresh mushrooms. Plus, we included a patented beta glucan from Baker's yeast, which has been clinically studied for promoting the body's healthy immune response.

So promote a balanced immune response with Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans. Try it today.

Reviewed by Dr. Michael A. Smith, MD: Director of Education and Spokesperson for Life Extension.

ß-glucans are well-recognized for their ability to promote a healthy immune response—a reputation that research now confirms. Several clinical studies have shown the immune promoting benefits of ß-glucans.

Although beta glucans are found in small amounts in foods such as baker’s yeast, mushrooms, and cereal grains, it is easier to achieve clinically studied levels with a daily supplement.

Mushroom Immune with Beta Glucans provides a variety of immune-modulating natural substances including three well-recognized immune health supporting mushrooms, as well as Wellmune®–a best-in-class beta-glucan ingredient from yeast, with numerous clinical studies backing its immune-supportive properties.

The benefits of three types of mushroom

You probably have heard of shiitake and maitake mushrooms, but did you know that they are highly recognized for their immune benefits? We also added the lesser known but equally impressive chaga mushroom. This combination provides nearly one and a half servings of fresh mushrooms to support your healthy immune response.


Our experts evaluated more than 14 ß-glucan ingredients from various sources, and when all was said and done, Wellmune® stood above the pack because this patented ß-glucan from baker’s yeast had the most clinical support for promoting the body’s healthy immune response.

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