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Optimized Ashwagandha

Optimized Ashwagandha

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Our Optimized Ashwagandha Extract delivers a standardized extract of Withania somnifera to support memory health and healthy cognitive function, a healthy stress response and overall well-being.

What Is Optimized Ashwagandha?


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has a long history of use in traditional Indian medicine to address physical and mental energy and memory. Optimized Ashwagandha Extract delivers a standardized ashwagandha extract to support memory, cognition, stress response and overall well-being.


Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) supports cognition, memory, a healthy stress response and overall well-being.

Optimized Ashwagandha Extract Benefits

  • Supports healthy memory and cognitive function
  • Encourages a healthy biological response to daily stress
  • Helps maintain already-healthy levels of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Promotes overall health and well-being

Optimized Ashwagandha

Standardized Ashwagandha Extract

Active compounds in ashwagandha support a range of healthy functions. Our Optimized Ashwagandha Extract contains Sensoril® Ashwagandha extract made from both the root and leaf and is standardized to 32% oligosaccharides and 10% withanolide glycoside conjugates.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) has an extensive history of use in Indian Ayurvedic traditions, where it is used to promote healthy energy, emotional balance, and memory health.1 Our Optimized Ashwagandha provides 125 mg of standardized Sensoril® Ashwagandha Extract per serving.

Clinically studied for stress relief

Many clinical trials show ashwagandha offers a wide range of benefits, and helps balance the body’s response to stresses of day-to-day living. In fact, ashwagandha has become one of the most sought-after botanicals for stress management, with human and animal research finding it promotes a healthy stress response, memory health and cognition, overall well-being and more.2-7

In a 60-day clinical trial, 130 adults with chronic stress were randomized to 125 mg of Sensoril® once or twice daily, 250 mg of Sensoril® twice daily, or placebo. At 60 days, all of the stress-related parameters being assessed were significantly improved in the groups receiving ashwagandha, with the higher doses eliciting a greater response.2 The ashwagandha extract also helped balance biological markers of stress and encouraged a healthy balance of the stress-related hormones cortisol and DHEA.

Ashwagandha, cognitive health and mood

Stress can also affect memory, concentration and mood.8 In the 60-day study, at each dose ashwagandha improved self-rating scores of cognitive function and mood.2 Specifically, ashwagandha helped relieve feelings of worry and irritability, and encouraged healthy memory and concentration.

The participants taking ashwagandha also had improvements in physical parameters related to stress such as stress-related muscle tension.2 Again, at the higher doses, greater improvements were seen.

Overall well-being and energy

Ashwagandha enhanced the reported well-being and energy level scores of study participants as well. Both well-being and general fatigue scores significantly improved in all groups given ashwagandha by day 30 and further improved by day 60—and again, no improvements were seen in the placebo group.2

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