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Model 1170CF Men's Knee Sleeves. Rx (Set of 2)

Model 1170CF Men's Knee Sleeves. Rx (Set of 2)

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Schiek Sports Model 1170 Knee Sleeves - 5mm Neoprene Knee Compression Sleeves for Weight Lifting

The Schiek Sports Model 1170 knee sleeves offer top-notch knee support for high-intensity training sessions. A must-have for running, powerlifting, and weight lifting enthusiasts, these 5mm neoprene knee brace compression knee sleeves are designed to provide high performance, reduce discomfort, and provide more stability. Designed with superior quality and ultra-durable in mind, the Schiek Sports knee neoprene compression sleeve combine function and contemporary style. Neoprene fabric material offers the perfect balance between flexibility and knee support, allowing for a target range of motion but maintaining stability at the same time.

With these weight-lifting leg sleeves, you can push yourself to the limit at the gym or pound the pavement. With a comfortable fit, you can focus solely on your muscle building without being distracted by sweat or knees. This weightlifting knee sleeves for lifting's technology provides graduated knee compression, which improves blood circulation in the knee. You can say goodbye to knee discomfort and welcome high performance. A Schiek knee sleeves support is suitable for anyone regardless of their level of experience. Women and men can wear these compression sleeves both functionally and stylishly. You can wear these compression knee sleeves for weightlifting with any workout outfit thanks to their modern design and attention to detail. gym knee sleeves weightlifting for women and men are available in a wide range of sizes to cater to a variety of needs.

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