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Vanadyl Sulfate

Vanadyl Sulfate

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Supports healthy glucose metabolism

  • 7.5 mg, 100 vegetarian tablets

What Is Vanadyl Sulfate?


Supporting healthy glucose metabolism is important for everyone. Vanadyl sulfate has been utilized in many clinical studies and has been shown to promote healthy glucose metabolism. It not only promotes a healthy insulin response, but also positively affects the process of glucose regulation by supporting optimal function of insulin-producing cells in your pancreas.


Vanadyl sulfate has been clinically shown to help maintain already-healthy blood sugar levels.

Vanadyl Sulfate Benefits

  • Promotes a healthy insulin response
  • Helps maintain already-healthy glucose levels
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism



Science-Backed Supplementation


We’re dedicated to giving you high-quality, effective products. Vanadyl sulfate has been clinically studied and shown to support healthy glucose metabolism. Our Vanadyl Sulfate formula delivers 7.5 mg of vanadyl sulfate (for a total of 1.5 mg of the trace mineral vanadium).


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Vanadyl sulfate is an effective form of the trace mineral vanadium. Numerous studies indicate vanadyl sulfate promotes insulin responsiveness and supports healthy glucose metabolism.1-4 Clinical trials have demonstrated its ability to stimulate healthy blood glucose regulation and insulin response.5-9

A 30-month study showed vanadyl sulfate helped maintain healthy blood glucose levels already within normal range.10 Vanadyl sulfate’s impacts on metabolic health appear to be related in part to its ability to support optimal number and function of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.2,11,12

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